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Case Management Department

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The Case Management Department is responsible for processing case files and death certificates, assuring quality of data, as well as fulfilling requests for public records. This department also provides ancillary support, such as coordinating with transcription services for the pathology staff and technical support of the agency. The Case Management Department is comprised of one Office Administrator and four Case Secretaries, working closely with the Receptionist, Public Records Clerk and Office Assistant. The main purpose is to serve the community through quality assurance and excellent customer service.
The Case Managers personally handle all the paperwork for each and every case. When the Pathologists, Toxicologists, Forensic Investigators, and Morgue Staff have completed their work, the Case Secretaries prepare all death certificates, supplemental death certificates, and case reports so that the Coroner can sign them. These forms are then electronically delivered to the Vital Statistics Office at the Public Health Department so that a final death certificate can be processed.
All Coroner Reports are a matter of public record and are released to those who submit a request.