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Morgue Department

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The Morgue Department is responsible for assisting the Forensic Pathologists in postmortem examinations, forensic processing, evidence collection, postmortem radiology, receiving and releasing of decedents to funeral homes, and facilitating communication between law enforcement, funeral directors, and families. The postmortem examination is of vital importance in helping the pathologists determine cause and manner of death. Careful examination of the decedent is performed, and samples for toxicological and microscopic analysis are obtained. The department is staffed 7 days a week, with seven (7) full-time morgue technicians, three (3) morgue attendants, and two (2) working supervisors.

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The Morgue Technicians are under the direct supervision of the Supervisor of Morgue Technicians and Histology. The Morgue Attendants are under direct supervision of the Supervisor of Morgue Attendants and Property/Evidence. The morgue staff transfer remains, evidence, valuables, and histology specimens as needed, prepare and participate in autopsies. These staff members interact with funeral home staff and law enforcement personnel on a daily basis.

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