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Staff Directory


Name Position
Dr. Nathaniel Overmire Coroner
Patrick McLean Chief of Staff
Jeremy Blake Senior Advisor & Director of Public Affairs
Amanda Wright Director of Operations
Ashley Boylan Human Resources Specialist
Han-Tian Guo Statistician

Case Management Department

Name Position
David Moffett Administrative Office Manager
Tracy Baker Public Records Clerk
Cheyenne Alexander Case Secretary
Ashley Emmert Case Secretary
Jesse Odenthal Case Secretary
Jeanette Lopez-Rivera Case Secretary
Sophia Vance Administrative Assistant
Anna-Laura DeCoito Office Assistant

Pathology Department

Name Position
Dr. Kent Harshbarger Chief Deputy Coroner/Forensic Pathologist
Dr. Andrea McCollom Deputy Coroner/Forensic Pathologist
Dr. Antoine Wrice Deputy Coroner/Forensic Pathologist
Dr. Erica Armstrong Deputy Coroner/Forensic Pathologist
Dr. Michael Caplan Deputy Coroner/Forensic Pathologist
Dr. Todd Barr Deputy Coroner/Forensic Pathologist
Jena Peters Pathologists' Assistant

Toxicology Department

Name Position
Dan Baker, M.S., F-ABFT, CFM-I Chief Toxicologist
Rebecca DeRienz, M.S., D-ABFT-FT Deputy Chief Toxicologist
Rachel Barnett, M.S., D-ABFT-FT, CFM-I Senior Toxicologist
Jennifer Hobbs, M.S., D-ABFT-FT Senior Toxicologist
Morgan Shuttleworth, B.S. Assistant Toxicologist
Amber Raines, M.S. Assistant Toxicologist
Clark Bauman, B.S. Assistant Toxicologist
Camille Colletti, A.S. Toxicology Technician

Investigations Department

Name Position
Chelsea Snell Lead Investigator
Jacie Fox Investigator
Catherine Fitz Gibbon Investigator
Emily Wallis Investigator
Haley Spriggs Investigator
Hilda De Los Santos Investigator
Elizabeth Weber Investigator
Eric Miller Investigator
Kelly Sandberg Investigator
Milena Bartell Investigator
Sarah Huegel Investigator
Alisha Kazlausky Investigator
Dallas Allen Investigation Specialist (Suicide)

Morgue Department

Name Position
Erika Wrigley Morgue Supervisor
Katie Tyne Lead Morgue Technician
Greg Kessler Morgue Technician
Ashley Tompkins Morgue Technician
Jessica Narvaez Morgue Technician
Kiara Jefferson Morgue Technician
Nikki Bautista Morgue Technician
Tiffany Scarberry Morgue Technician
Keara Mcgee Morgue Attendant
Alexandra Fultz Morgue Attendant
Reagan Pucci Morgue Attendant